Tips for Prepping for Your Halloween Bash

It's October already, and Halloween is only a few weeks away. If you are thinking about throwing a big bash in your San Antonio home or apartment, however, you may have some challenges. It's not that simple to arrange a big party and there are a lot of things that you'll need to do to get ready. At King of Maids, we have some pointers for simplifying the process and ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Decide on the Type of Party and Guest List 

This step will determine almost every other aspect of your planning. Is this party mainly aimed at adults? Is it family-friendly? Are you inviting co-workers? The answers to these questions will help you come up with a guest list and know which types and how many supplies to get. For instance, you probably won't want those cool JELLO shot worms at a party with kids. Speaking of which . . .

Look Online for Inspired Menu Items

Anyone can make simple cupcakes and cover them with orange frosting or pumpkin-shaped sprinkles, but maybe that's not enough for you. One of the best ways to look for ideas is to do a Google image or Pinterest search of "Halloween food ideas." You'll find unique designs that catch your eye and then you can click on the website to get the recipes. Everything from Jack O' Lanterns throwing up guacamole and dark toffee apples to mummy hot dogs and cans of worms is represented here, so browse until you find something that tickles your fancy! And remember to include some low-fat, gluten-free, and vegetarian options for guests who have dietary restrictions.

Divvy Out Tasks 

Don't go it alone! If you have anyone else living with you, such as a spouse or other live-in, give them some things to be responsible for. For instance, you could be in charge of any cooking and they could be in charge of buying supplies. And wouldn't it just go more quickly if you are both involved in the decorating? If you have kids, let them help too! Have them taste test the food or make paper chains for the entryway.

Make Sure Everything is Well-Arranged

By no means do you need enough seating for everyone coming to your party; however, you will definitely need to open up the space you have and make sure that food, drinks, and the bathroom are all accessible.

  • Have different snack and beverage stations around the room so everyone isn't congregating in one place.
  • Try to clear out any unnecessary small items cluttering the rooms, such as magazine holders, coat stands (instead, have everyone leave coats and bags in the bedroom), and footstools.
  • If you have a back porch, open the door to it and throw down a bench or some folding chairs to create more mingling space.
  • Lighting some logs in the fire pit will probably be welcome in the cool evening, as well, and encourage people to sit outside.

Invest in Cleaning Services 


Planning the party will take time and effort, and may be even more difficult if you have to worry about cleaning the house in addition to it. Imagine having to vacuum under your living room and dining room table, wipe down counters, clean ceiling fans, and generally scour your space before you can even start hanging garlands and setting out themed placemats. It would take forever, and by the time you got to your own party, you might be too tired to enjoy it. That's when engaging cleaning services in San Antonio can really come in handy.

Our cleaning service at King of Maids can take that problem off your hands and allow you to focus on the things that need doing. Whether you already employ us or have never tried us before, we can dust, vacuum, and scrub away all of the normal signs of home use that you don't want visitors to notice at your party. If your house hasn't been cleaned in a while or you really want an extra-thorough job to impress guests, sign up for our deep cleaning option. Schedule your visit online for a day or two ahead of time and give yourself some leeway between the party and cleaning, or schedule it for early morning the day of. It's totally up to you!

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