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Housekeeping jobs in Miami FL

Housekeeping Jobs in Miami - Summer Jobs Miami

Whether you are looking for full-time housekeeping jobs or part-time housekeeping jobs, or even some housekeeping summer jobs to tide you over, you are in the right place. We at King of Maids are currently looking to take on new cleaners, and we have plenty of maid jobs available in and around Miami, FL. Why work with King of Maids? I hear you say. Well, here at King of Maids our mission is to make our cleaners happy and relaxed because we know that’s when you work your best.

We truly care for everyone that works with us. We give our cleaners a fair commission, we are always understanding and upfront, and we give our cleaners the utmost respect at all times. Read more below if you need more information about the job position.

Here is why working with King of Maids is a great idea: 

The money: When working with King of Maids you can earn $650 – $1400 a week (plus tips). And that is not the maximum; you can earn even MORE if you work longer hours. We are flexible: We allow you to pick your own schedule. There is no minimum: We don’t pin you down at King of Maids, if you want one job per week or ten jobs per week, it’s up to you.  If you would like to apply to receive more jobs at King of Maids you will need to pass the following criteria:

  • You must speak fluent English.
  • You must have residential experience.
  • You must pass a full background check.

At King of Maids, we consider ourselves to be one of the best services, and this is because we value our customers just as much as we value the cleaners using our platform and our office staff. All we ask is for you to do the same and to treat both our staff and customers with respect so we can carry on being the best company around.

You can Apply Here.