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Housekeeping Jobs in Houston - Cleaning Jobs in Houston, Summer Jobs Houston


Hey, are you looking for housekeeping jobs in Houston?  Well, you are in the right place, because King of Maids is currently looking for new cleaners, and we have plenty of cleaning jobs available in and around Houston, for full-time and part-time cleaners. At King of Maids, a top priority is to do the best quality work we can, and we do this by building a happy and comfortable environment for everyone.  When we send you to a job we make sure you know everything you have to do, and have everything you need, to make the job a hundred times less stressful, and a hundred times more successful.

We do this because we truly care for everyone who works with us, and we show that by giving everyone that works for us a fair commission, all of our attention and care, and most importantly respect. If this amazing opportunity sounds interesting to you, read more about the position below.

The perks of working with King of Maids:

When working with King of Maids you can earn $650 – $1400 a week (plus tips) – Don’t forget that this can increase because the more you work, the more you earn. We are flexible with schedules and allow you to arrange your own. It’s the perfect summer job because there is no minimum amount of time you have to work.

If you would like to apply to get more jobs in the Houston TX area you will need to pass the following criteria:

  • You must speak and understand English fluently.
  • Residential experience is essential.
  • You must pass a full background check before using our services.

All we ask for when working with King of Maids is that you treat the customers and the staff with the utmost respect. One of the reasons we are the best service around is because we value our customers just as much as we value our staff, and we ask you to do the same. If you are interested in working with King of Maids, please apply here.